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Astralis beat Virtus Pro in ELEAGUE CLASH FOR CASH

Astralis are the winners of $250,000 ELEAGUE CLASH FOR CASH after coming from behind to beat Virtus Pro 2-1.


Since the final of the ELEAGUE Major Championship, which took place only in January, both Astralis and Virtus Pro have gone on to enjoy very different fortunes. Astralis, who claimed their first ever Major title on that day, have gone on to become probably the best team in the world, picking up another trophy since in the form of the Intel Extreme Masters XI in Katowice, and placing top four in three others.

However, Virtus Pro bounced back immediately after the Major, winning DreamHack Las Vegas and earning a win over Astralis on the road towards the trophy. Following this event, Virtus Pro’s fate took a turn for the worst. After being defeated on home soil at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament against Astralis, they went to Kiev for season 3 of StarSeries, intending to redeem themselves, but that had a detrimental outcome as well.


The Rematch offered Virtus.pro a best-of-three chance at revenge after their runner up finish in January’s ELEAGUE Major Grand Final. However, the Poles didn't managed to beat the Danes, even though they started strong winning the first map Nuke 16-7. The next two maps saw Astralis outplaying Virtus Pro, winning Overpass 16-4 and Mirage 16-3.


At the end of the event we got a small bit of additional info regarding the highly anticipated ELEAGUE Season 3 which will debut Friday, September 1st.