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Rogue.Academy bench KriLLe; add powerputte

Rogue.Academy decided to bench Kristian “KriLLe” Ekroth and replace him with Patrik “powerputte” Perjons from the former Epsilon.Hype lineup.


The 21-year-old player already played for Rogue.Academy back in June 11 when they qualified for Nordic Championship Season 2. However, last night they failed to qualify for DreamHack Valencia after being beaten by Quantum Bellator Fire in the Round of 32.


This is what Patrik had to say about joining Rogue:

I’ve been practicing with the team for about 2 weeks now and we’re currently in Berlin at CaseKing for a 2 week boot camp ahead of the NeSA LAN in Finland and some Dreamhack qualifiers. So far I’ve been treated well and it feels really good in the team. Everyone are good friends so I think with good chemistry, good results will come after some time.



Kalle "perzon" Persson
Kevin "Kevve" Bohlin
Jakob "Barken" Bark
Tobias "shadow" Flodström
Patrik "powerputte" Perjons
Kristian "KriLLe" Ekroth (bench)