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TNC Pro Team and Execration visa issues

The big issue for the week is when a known dota2 and twitch personality @Julius Mariano shared a post which shocked the dota2 community of the philippines.

Julius Mariano sharing his words- '8 years ago,We had a dream that one day PH Government will be fully supporting #PHesports.Seems like our dream will finally came true! Thank God for the new government' @Rody Duterte


Is this the hint and is this the start of the biggest help that the local government will provide for not only dota2 players but in philippines esports community? I myself read and heard some news from julius mariano himself that he talked about what is happening and the situation of the visa issues of TNC and Execration to the presidential son who'm also is a big fan of esports and dota which from there a supporting letter from the President Duterte himself is right in the process to help and it will be a big help for the two Filipino Dota2 Squad to somehow acquire their Visas to attend the biggest Event with a total of 20+ million dollars and still growing up for grabs for the teams who will compete for this years International 2017.

I hope that this step that the government is taking will be the triggering point or somewhat the leap of faith for Philippine Esports;so if you're reading this and you're aspiring to be a professional gamer someday go grind your mmr,build or find a team and compete in tournaments and maybe one day if you succeed that time the Philippine Esports community is bigger than before and has better support from the government.

*The International 2017 is by far the biggest LAN event with the biggest prize pool in esports history.
Goodluck to TNC and Execration on getting their visas and wished them the best for TI7