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Fed Up With Your Job? Try a Career in Esports

Are you a fan of competitive gaming? Have you ever considered a career change to the Esports industry?

You may be surprised to learn that the jobs on offer aren’t all tech related. As this infographic below by Computer Planet Infographic shows, there’s a need for workers with a variety of different skills, such as finance, creative design, music composers, translators and social media managers. The infographic shows that the average salaries for the jobs are fairly decent, and it lists what qualifications you need to have to apply – less than you might think, for some jobs!

Why is there such demand? Because Esports has grown from a few fringe online gamers into a massive, multimillion dollar sport. The world’s largest Esports tournament prize pool is a whopping $20.7 million for the Dota 2 International. There are millions of fans worldwide, and now 1 in 7 people are aware of esports. Esports fans are expected to spend around $231 million on tickets, merchandise and prize pool contributions this year.

Competitive online gaming is gaining massive popularity as a spectator sport, and viewers can watch the players from anywhere in the world, thanks to new streaming platforms. Twitch, the leading gamer community and platform says users spend more than 79 million hours each month watching the gameplay.

Businesses have been watching and taking note of the potential for growth in Esports, and as a result, they have created lucrative sponsorship deals for the top players and teams. Esports has started to gain recognition as a legitimate sport in many countries, and is in the process of becoming recognized as an Olympic medal sport. Now just might be a good time to ditch your boring job for the chance to work in this vibrant, ever-growing industry.

Good luck!