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Welcome Gamers!

This is it! It's ON! For about 6 months we are working very hard to make Meet The Gamers Social Network publicly. 
Our team worked day and night to make this possible. We are very proud to announce the first Beta version of our website. This will be the new home of gamers, the Gamers Nexus. So if you LOVE games this is the place for you. Be nice and meet gamers like you.  Find teammates to play with or you can create a team. Dont forget to check and fill out your amazing gamer profile.

By becoming a member of Meet The Gamers social network, you can:

•Meet and stay in touch with gamers around the world
•Create your amazing gamer profile
•Start your eSports career and get a Coach ( soon )
•Find teammates for games you play
•Participate on monthly global contests
•Make your indie game known
•Earn rank and get rewarded
•Boost your LIVE stream

A new Rank System awaits you, so climb your way to Master and Grand Master rank. A few awards awaits you there ;).
Our first Global Contest with hardware prizes will start soon so be prepared !

Because we need your opinon about this new social network, for any feature suggestions or ideas use Feedback section.

Meet The Gamers social network marks the beginning of a new era where gamers around the world can expect the best from us. Enjoy your stay! This is just the beginning. It will be an amazing journey. Together we are much stronger. 

Don't miss our daily fresh eSports News. Read about our Ranking System and learn how you can reach the Grand Master level. If you want to find teammates search on Gamers Profiles section or on the Chat Rooms. Subscribe to our Newsletter to be sure to not lose any Updates! Play More! Be The Best!