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  • Catalin Biga I just want to welcome all the indonesian gamers that have joined Meet The Gamers social network in the past 12 hours. You are over 200 registered guys. Lets make this thing big. Welcome to the new Home of gamers and streamers. Catalin Biga, Founder of Meet The Gamers
    Jun 12

  • Admin #giveaway #gaming #gamers #esports #games Hi gamers! Gorg here, the guardian of Meet The Gamers Are you ready for the next global contest ? We have teamed up with some great partners to bring awesome prizes for you. Stay close!
    May 25

  • AdamTheChespin Seems like there’s very little activity here. :(
    Wed at 12:22 AM

  • Debajyoti Dutta Still no F1 racer out here? I am already feeling lonely. -_-
    Jun 13

  • Michelle Summers <<<<<< check him out, he's playing medieval engineers. He's a great guy and a self-taught game designer. :D
    May 2

  • FaithCastellano what a small world you guys... bit of online players...
    Jul 21

  • PranaMahardika if someone need a sniper i m a profesional sniper that you can trust
    Jun 20